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Terms, Conditions, and Policies are expected to be read and understood prior to initiation.

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This agreement is between myself, the Artist, and you, the Client, for work services requisitioned from the Artist. Before ordering a commission, the terms below must be read, understood, and agreed upon. By paying the invoice, the Client agrees to the terms therein. A breach of the terms will cancel the current order, and the Client will be blacklisted from further business with the Artist. If necessary, legal action will be taken if applicable.
These terms of service are subject to revisions, edits, and additions without notice. However, the terms of services at the point of sale at the time of order will govern your purchase, so be sure to review them at the time of order.Terms, Conditions, and Policies are expected to be read and understood before initiation.

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By commissioning myself (Noctem/Gallivant), the Client is paying for the Artist's labor service. In addition, the Client does not obtain the rights to publish, edit, or sell the artwork being created. If the Client wishes to acquire the commercial rights, it will incur a fee.
Commercial services are not to be considered the same as Private services.
By sending the Payment, the Client agrees to the Artist's terms of service. The Client also substantiates in this action that they are 18 or older and use their own Paypal account and money.
The Artist reserves the right to reject a commission form submission for any reason.
The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission for any reason. If the commission is canceled, pro-rated refunds will be made at the Artist's discretion. Given that this is not the same as a Client -initiated cancellation, the Client may receive different amounts based on work progression. Commission inquiries are contingent upon the Artist for approval. The Artist prefers to produce SFW (Safe For Work) and will not under any circumstance approve of or accept inquiries/requests to depict the following:

• Fetish/Wank Fodder
• Extreme Fetishes
• (Examples - Vore, hyper muscle, hyper anything, etc.)
• Unrealistic extremes
• Discriminatory Material, polarizing themes, religious, political, etc
• (Examples - Hate Speech, extremism, fascism, racism, sexism, etc.)
• Porn
• Paraphilias

Artistic style is subject to improvement and development as the Artist constantly studies to improve themselves. The work is 100% original according to my best knowledge of the subjects at the time. I warrant that I do not copy or heavily reference any material or art that I do not own while producing the work.
I can use existing licensed or commercial free construction assets such as brushes, vectors, symbols, and patterns. Templates, and more, as well as educational material such as anatomy, pose references, tutorials, etc. Material and design direction such as mood boards and examples are referred to as inspiration, not reference, and will not be closely observed)

───⋅•⋅⊰∙ ☽🜏☾ ∙⊱⋅•⋅───

The Artist retains all copyrights on the commissioned artwork, including, but not limited to, the right to distribute, display, reproduce, or use the art as a sample for sales and self-promotion. This includes publicly displaying artwork on social media, personal galleries, or portfolios.

The Client retains all rights to their IP and grants the Artist a temporary license to use their IP to create the requested work.
If the Client wishes to obtain the full rights to the piece via commercial use, this will incur a 50% fee or a fee of up to 500 USD for the highest-priced commissions. This is due to the Client removing any retail value and options for the Artist.

Unless commercial rights have been obtained, the Client may not use, edit, repost, finish, or have someone finish any WIP images or designs they may have received for commissions completed or canceled.

Regardless of whether commercial rights have been obtained, the client is under
no circumstances allowed to implement the art product into AI-art or AI-generated art such as (Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, etc.) which is explicitly prohibited. In addition, using Wips and images in datasets and AI set training is expressly prohibited. If the Client is found to be using such, legal action will be implemented to the fullest extent. This includes both commercial and regular, NO EXCEPTIONS

The Client and persons are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork or artwork from my gallery
for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In addition, using the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non-fungible tokens, blockchains, or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS

The Client may not, however, heavily alter, recolor, change, or otherwise deface the artwork.
The Client may use the finished art for non-commercial purposes only. This means they can share, upload, repost, and display the smaller versions provided by the Artist on their social media. Credit is requested in these instances. The Client may, within reason, crop, rotate, and resize the finished work for personal use, such as an icon, banner, signature, or page decoration.
The Client, however, may only use the Full-size image they have received for personal use, not for distribution or resale.

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To contact the Artist, you can reach me by the following:

Upon acceptance and the invoice sent, the Artist can be reached by any of the following but makes the most regular updates on their Trello, Discord Server, and Telegram Channel.The email, if preferred, can be opened in a dialogue there.
If not explicitly stated in the submission form, deadlines will go through my usual process of an average turnaround of 1-3 months. Commissions may be completed faster and slower based on many factors: Day job, Health complications, and Life complications. However, clients will be kept up to date and notified.
The commissions can be done faster or slower depending on the above-stated occurrences or the complexity of the image requested.
If the Client needs an exact deadline, they must request it when submitting their form, and the deadline is agreed upon before Payment.
Should there be delays, the Client will be contacted and informed. However, if the Client faces delays or is inaccessible, please notify the Artist and the duration. We needn't disclose the reason, only that there is a delay, especially for personal matters. Wips may be requested by the Client within reason; excessive asking for updates or wips can be considered harassment and will not be tolerated.
Completed work will be uploaded to my Dropbox or Google Drive, and the links will be sent to the Client via the preferred method of communication. The link will be available to the Client for up to three months before it is deleted. Unless commercial rights have been bought and obtained, the Artist will not send a PSD, PSB, PSS, or any other layered file to the Client. There will be no sending of unsigned versions to the Client, either. The artist will not send a physical copy of the art; only the completed image will be sent.

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To requisition a commission, you must fill out the commission form.
Prices are calculated in USD, and Payment is taken upfront unless an agreed-upon payment plan with reasonable terms is established before Payment. Once the form is submitted and accepted, an invoice of the approximated price will be sent via Paypal that is sent to the Client. The Client must pay in full or the agreed-upon amount within 48 hours. If the invoice goes on longer than a week without contact, the Artist reserves the right to cancel the invoice and drop the Client's submission form. The Client will then lose their place in the queue and must reapply when the Artist is available.
However, if this is repeated behavior, the Client will be summarily blocklisted and refused further service with the Artist.
The Client may not send any unprompted, unsolicited, or impromptu payment directly to the Artist. Any such payments will be refunded aside from the fees taken from Paypal.
Work will commence once the invoice is paid or the amount of the agreed-upon payment plan has been met. Only in this instance will work begin without the invoice paid in full.
The Client may request to cancel their commission.
If the Client cancels before any work has commenced, they will receive a full refund.
If the Client cancels the commission in progress, they will receive a partial refund based upon the progression and time endeavored into the piece. The refund, however, will be at most 60% of the total amount. This is to decrease the financial instability of the Artist's standing as cancellations cause an inconvenience to us as we have given time, effort, and our selection of your submission. Therefore, please be responsible before commissioning the Artist.
If the Client attempts to cancel near the end or upon completion, they are not eligible for a refund and will be placed on a block list.
Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated; keep it professional, or your commission will be subject to cancellation. The Artist reserves the full right to refuse service to the Client that violates this.

───⋅•⋅⊰∙ ☽🜏☾ ∙⊱⋅•⋅───

While changes can be requested before completion, they must be done within reason. Continuous, excessive, or indecisive tweaking will lead to additional fees. Only minor changes will be implemented once approvals for each stage have been approved; any further will incur a fee.
For reference, these are the stages in which the Artist progresses-
Sketch Phase | The Artist will accept the most edits during this phase as they value the accuracy of the character/sona being depicted. This may only incur fees if it is excessive.
Inking Phase | The Artist will take only minor edits here if the materials depicted are wrong or need alterations. This may only incur fees if it is excessive.
Flat Color Phase | The Artist will make edits to ensure the reference's accuracy. This may only incur fees if it is excessive.
Rendering Phase | The Artist will make only very minor edits in this phase, which can incur the most fees as excessive revisions may need to be made.
However, if the Client has approved for the next phase and then chooses to withdraw that approval in favor of more edits, it will incur further fees.
The Client is responsible for providing relevant information, up-to-date references, mood boards, and explanations to ensure accuracy and time-saving. If such information is not provided, it will face inaccuracies, and fixing mistakes will incur further fees. However, please remember that if the error is the Artist's fault, it will be corrected if pointed out. Such things must be brought forth, and significant revisions/edits are needed to be possible based on the piece's progression.

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If you wish to commission me, please fill out the commission form with the commission you would like and fill out the details therein. I will receive an email notification once it is filled.

Important information regarding the following prices.
-Prices are subject to change and reflect current skill and time invested.
- All prices are listed in USD (US DOLLARS)
-Emails and notes without a filled out form will be declined/ignored.
-You will be placed in the active queue if I accept your commission.
If you have not received a reply within one week and have filled out a form, assume that it has been rejected or has not been chosen in the limited slots at this time.
-You are welcome to fill out the form again at the next opening if you were not accepted for it in previous openings.
-I do offer payment plans for any piece worth over 500 USD.
This is the starting price, which can be raised or lowered based on the character/complexity, background detail, and time.
Price is based purely on complexity, work, amount of characters, background request detail, and overall workload of the piece.
-EXTRA CHARACTERS incur an extra fee

• Fantasy/Scifi Themes
• Creature/Monster Designs
• Horror Themes
• Gore
• Anthro/Humanoids
• Tasteful Nudity
• Phantasmal

• Fetish/Wank Fodder
• Extreme Fetishes
(Examples - Vore, hyper muscle, hyper anything, etc.)
• Unrealistic extremes
• Discriminatory Material
(Examples - Hate Speech, extremism, fascism, racism, sexism, etc.)
• Porn
• Paraphilias

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Ornamental Monster Hunter Icons
Price starts at 75USD
Complexity, etc characters will incur an extra fee.

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lineart commissions
Full body 380USD
half body 250USD
bust 150USD
For flat colors, it is an extra 10% charge

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Speedpaint commissions
Full body 700USD
half body 450USD
bust 350USD

───⋅•⋅⊰∙ ☽🜏☾ ∙⊱⋅•⋅───

Full body 1200USD
half body 850USD
bust 550USD

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Reference sheet commissions
Full Complexity 1800USD
Mid Complexity 1100USD
Simple 850USD
Major note: these are on a case basis but incur a lot of work and detail. That said, one quote may differ from another as each ref differs based on the customer's needs.

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-Personal art-
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-CHARACTER Sketches-
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- Patreon-
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Want to support myself and my co-artist, RunicIllusionist?
Please consider subscribing to our Patreon!We offer exclusive content, such as hi-res images, PSDs, discount codes for prints, and much, much more!

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Would you prefer to send a one-time donation? You can do so by donating to my Ko-fi! I am grateful for any support that I receive!
I also put newer commission types here and similar content to my patreon.

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If you'd like to own a print, stickers or more I have a print shop located on inprnt.

-Subscribe Star-
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For afterdark content, and the darker sides of my story any and all less than SFW content will be found here.

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Looking for Photoshop & Clip Studio Brushes? Or how about adoptable bases? You can find them for sale on my Gumroad.

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-About the artist-
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───⋅•⋅⊰∙ ☽🜏☾ ∙⊱⋅•⋅───

Hey there, I'm Noctem, but you can call me Noct! I'm a freelance illustrator and conceptual artist, dabbling in everything from fantastical realms to futuristic landscapes and even diving into the world of TTRPGs. This year, I'm excited to pour more of myself into my personal projects and share them with you all. To everyone who's been along for the ride, thank you! I can't wait to keep you entertained with all the art I have in store.I also double as a novelist, worldbuilder, and collaborative writer. I have my own personal IP, which I am exceedingly passionate about and is the driving force behind my art and the lifeblood of my passions.I am agender and identify as They/Them.Though I do not walk any particular path, I follow where my stars guide me. My sidekicks are a rescue cat named Boris and my beloved betta fish.My interests, while numerous, fall within Science, Science fiction, mythology, psychology, occult, esoterics, philosophy, and all in between.───⋅•⋅⊰∙ ☽🜏☾ ∙⊱⋅•⋅───I am partnered with RunicIllusionist for art commissions.
Not only do we work together with art, but our own personal stories and worlds are linked together in a shared canon. They are my wonderful coconspirator, so please also check out their artwork!